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Rashid Bashir, Ph.D.

Dean, Grainger College of Engineering
Grainger Distinguished Chair in Engineering
Professor of Bioengineering

Office of the Dean / 306 Engineering Hall /
1308 W. Green Street, Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: (217) 333-2150
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Research Administrative Assistant: Dot Gordon


Prof. Bashir receives AIMBE Professional Impact Award!

Microcancers cell culture technique featured in Illinois News

Crumpled graphene biosensor featured in Illinois News

In-vitro 3D Neural Tissue Model featured in Illinois News

NMJ driven swimmer featured in Illinois News | NSF

LIBNA alumnus, Ritu Raman, on 35 Innovators Under 35 list!

Leanna Troncoso awarded the "Researcher of the Summer" by the SROP Research Team Leader. Congratulations, Leanna!

NMJ on grooved platform featured in Illinois News

Prof. Bashir named College of Engineering dean

LIBNA alumnus, Ritu Raman, on Forbes 30 under 30 list!

Prof. Bashir named executive associate dean of Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Our biochip for sepsis stratification published in Nature Communications!
Illinois News |

Anurup Ganguli and team among 5 finalists nation-wide in "2017 Student Technology Prize for Primary Healthcare". Congratulations, Anurup and team!

Development of Living Machines Featured by ASME Magazine

Abdul Muyeed awarded High Distinction for undergraduate research. Congratulations, Abdul!

Ritu and Caroline publish a recipe in Nature Protocol to build 'bio-bots'. Congratulations, Ritu and Caroline!

Ritu wins first prize in Research Live! competition. Congratulations, Ritu!

Umer Hassan wins the Baxter award

LIBNA undergrads bag second prize in the 2016 DEBUT Challenge. Congratulations Manish, Mike, Emilee, Jake and Ishan!

Food-testing biochip wins Singapore Challenge Medallion

University of Illinois, Carle and OSF HealthCare attack overwhelming infection using engineering-based medicine

Dr. Bashir explains how the Jump simulation center creates physician innovators and inventors

Finalist in the 2014 FDA food safety challenge. One of 5 finalist for a half million price

Prof. Bashir instrumental in the first major gift to new UI med school.

Dr. Bashir Podcast featured on ASME: Engineering Bio-Hybrid Devices

Ritu Raman wins the 2015 Illinois Innovation price!

LIBNA graduate students highlight on UIUC graduate college website

Illinois International Graduate Achievement Award for Gregory Damhorst for his research focused on HIV/AIDS, his development of the Global Health Initiative

AAAS: In Biomedical Engineering, Experts See Big Research Opportunities and Some Funding Challenges

LIBNA graduate students broadened their research horizons this summer at National University of Singapore

Bio-bots featured in news worldwide!
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Skeletal Muscle Powered Bio-Bots Featured in Illinois News. Congratulations Caroline and Ritu! Watch Video on YouTube

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Selected Publications

Y. Kim, Y. Yang, X. Zhang, Z. Li, A. Vazquez-Guardado, I. Park, J. Wang, A. I. Efimov, Z. Dou, Y. Wang, J. Park, H. Luan, X. Ni, Y. S. Kim, J. Baek, J. J. Park, Z. Xie, H. Zhao, M. Gazzola, J. A. Rogers, R. Bashir, "Remote control of muscle-driven miniature robots with battery-free wireless optoelectronics", Science Robotics 8, eadd1053, 2023 (download PDF)

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