Please visit the above links to have a more detailed look at our research projects. Below is a list of Centers that we are leading or affiliated with.

NSF MBM at UIUC - Miniature Brain Machinery

NSF STC EBICS at MIT/GT/UIUC - Emergent Behavior of Integrated Cellular Systems

NSF IGERT at UIUC - Cellular and Molecular Mechanics and Bionanotechnology
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NIH Training Grant at UIUC - Midwestern Cancer Nanotechnology Training Center
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NSF CiiT (I/UCRC) at UIUC - Center for Innovative Instrumentation Technology

NSF NSEC at OSU - Center for Affordable Nanoengineering for Polymeric Micro and Nanodevices



C. Integration of Living Cells and Microstructures

The use of microsystems and microstructures and their integration with mammalian cells represents a tremendous area of opportunity for basic cell biology, and also for developing novel biomimitically engineered devices. We are developing novel ‘Parallel Living Mass Sensors Arrays’ – an integration of cell array with sensors arrays resulting in devices. These devices can be used for studying basic cell biology like growth of single cells by measuring a change in mass, cell differentiation, and physical properties of cells like stretching, motility, etc. and applications such as drug screening.

Key on-going projects are:

Schematic of Living Cantilever Array


A. Integrated Lab on Chip for Detection of Cells and Microorganisms
B. Top-Down Fabricated Biomolecular Sensors
C. Integration of Living Cells and Microstructures
D. Synthetic Biology and Building with Cells