About the people in LIBNA


Former PhD Students:

1. Rafael Gomez, PhD ECE, December 2003, “Biochips for Rapid Detection of Cell Metabolism”. Post-doc at Stanford with Prof. Steve Quake, Now at Quanticel Pharmaceuticals.

2. Haibo Li, PhD ECE, August 2004, “Dielectrophoresis and its Application in BioChips”, Now at Impinj, Seatle, Washington.

3. Sangwoo Lee, PhD ECE, December 2004, “Technology Development for Heterogeneous Integration of Silicon Elecronic Devices Using Directed Fluidic Self-Assembly”, Now Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Yonsai University, Korea.

4. Hung Chang, PhD ECE, December 2005, “Characterization Of DNA Translocation Through A Silicon Based Nanopores”.

5. Amit Gupta, PhD ECE, December 2005, “Micromechanical Resonant Sensors for Detection and Characterization of Biological Entities”. Post-doc at Harvard Medical School with Prof. Mehmet Toner, Now at SVTC, Sam Jose, CA.

6. Samir Iqbal, PhD ECE, May 2007, “An Electrical Framework for Characterization of DNA Molecules”. Post doc in our group in spring 2007, Now a Prof. at University of Texas at Arlington.

7. Yi-Shao Liu, PhD ECE, May 2008, “Impedance Spectroscopy Based Micro-Scale Biosensing”, Now at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporration (TSMC).

8. Oguz Elibol, PhD ECE, December 2008, “Silicon Field Effect Sensors for Sensing and BioChemical Reactions”, Now at Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA.

9. Kidong Park, PhD ECE, August 2009, “Micro-mechanical Sensors for Detection of Biological Entities”, Now at Samsung Corporation, Korea.

10. Murali Venkatesan, PhD ECE, Spring 2011, “DNA Nanopore Sensors for Biomolecular Characterization”. Now at Illumina. Inc. San Diego, CA.

11. Nicholas Watkins, PhD, Spring 2012, “An Electrical Microcytometer for Portable Blood Analysis in Global Health Applications”. Now at Nabsys, Inc. in Providence, RI.

12. Bobby Reddy, Jr. PhD ECE, Spring 2012, “Top Down Fabricated Silicon Nanowires for pH and Molecular Detection”. Now a Post doc in our group

13. Brian Dorvel, PhD Biophysics, Fall 2012, “Design and Optimization of Ultrathin Silicon Biological Field Effect Transistor’s (BioFETs) for Sensitive, Electronic-Based Detection of Biological Analytes” Senior Chemist at Dow Chemicals

14. Vincent Chan, PhD BIOE, December 2012, “3D Printing of Biological Machines for Biology and Medicine”. Post-Doc at MIT

15. Piyush Bajaj, PhD BIOE, Spring 2013, “Engineering the Micro-Environment to Control the Fate of Mammalian Cells. Postdoc at Los Alamos Natl Lab

16. Elise Corbin, PhD MECHSE (co-advised with Bill King), Fall 2013, “Detetion of Mass, Growth Rate and Stiffness of Single breast Cancer Cells using Micromechanical Sensors" Now Post doc in our group

17. Eric Salm, PhD BIOE, Spring 2014, “Transistor Based Biosensing: Expanding the Functionality of Field Effect Transistors" Now at Boston Consulting Group

18. Umer Hassan, PhD ECE, Spring 2015, “A microfluidic biosensor to electrically enumerate blood cells at point-of-care for infectious disease diagnosis and management" Now Assistant Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rutgers University - New Brunswick

19. Gregory Damhorst, MD, PhD BIOE, December 2015, “Microscale biosensors for HIV detection and viral load determination" Now at Emory University

20. Carlos Duarte, PhD ECE, May 2016, “Multiplexed label-free electrical detection of DNA amplification using field effect transistors" Now a patent agent in Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP

21. Shouvik Banerjee, PhD MatSE, May 2016, “2D materials based nanopore structures as single molecule sensors” Now Process Engineer at Intel Corp.

22. Ritu Raman, PhD MechSE, December 2016, “3D Printed Muscle-Powered Bio-Bots" Now assistant professor in MIT

23. Caroline Cvetkovic, PhD BIOE, May 2017, “Bilogical Building Blocks for 3D Printed Cellular Systems" Now teaching assistant professor in UIUC

24. Tanmay Ghonge, PhD BIOE, December 2018, “Point-of-care microfluidic assays for measuring expression level of antigen on blood cells” Now at Illumina. Inc., San Diego, CA.

25. Olaoluwa Adeniba, PhD MechSE, May 2019, “Simultaneous Real-Time Viscoelasticity, Mass and Cell Cycle Monitoring of Single Adherent Cancer Cells" Now a Strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company

26. Clare Eunkyung Ko, PhD BioE (co-advised with Hyunjoon Kong), May 2019, “Methodologies to promote muscle development for engineering functional skeletal muscle tissue” Now a Postdoc in Roger Kamm group, MIT

27. Sihan Chen, PhD MechSE (co-advised with Bill King), August 2019, “Tip-based Nanolithography and Application to Molybdenum Disulfide Devices" Now a Postdoc in our group

28. Anurup Ganguli, PhD BioE, August 2019, “Micro-Nano Scale Diagnosis and Therapeutic Platforms for Personalized Medicine" Now CEO of LabSimply

29. Gelson Pagan-Diaz, PhD BioE, Spring 2020, “Biofabrication of Muscular and Neuronal in-vitro Tissue for Multi-celluar Engineered Living Systems" Now a Postdoc in UT Austin

30. Jacob Berger, PhD BioE, Spring 2021, “Point of Care Platforms for Protein and Nucleic Acid Detection" Now at LabSimply

31. Ariana Mostafa, PhD BioE, Spring 2021, “High Sensitivity Pathogen Detection Assays from Crude Samples" Now at LabSimply

32. Lauren Gapinske, PhD BioE, Spring 2022, “Enhancing the Functionality and Applicability of Engineered Skeletal Muscle Tissue" Now a Technical Applications Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific

33. Yongdeok Kim, PhD MatsE, Summer 2022, “3D Biohybrid Muscle Electronics System" Now a Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley

34. Jiaojiao Wang, PhD BioE, Spring 2023, Postdoctoral Fellow in Bashir lab through 8/31/2023

Former MS Students:

Purdue University

1. Nishant Nerurkar, MS ECE, Aug 2000. “Using the JSM6400 as a high resolution litography system”

2. Amit Gupta, MS ECE, Decemeber 2000. “Design and Microfabrication of Thin Single Crystal Cantilever Beams for Scanning Probe Applications". Now at SVTC, Sam Jose, CA.

3. Ninad Shinde,MS ME, December 2001. “Design and Fabrication of a Mesoscopic Pulse Tube Refrigerator System”, Co-Major Prof. G. Chiu

4. Zack Hilt, MS ChemE, Spring 2002. “A Microfabricated Biosensor Based on Cantilevers Patterned with Environmentally Sensitive Hydrogels”, Co-Major Prof. N. Peppas – Now a faculty member at University of Kentucky. 

5. Dong Guo, MS ECE, December 2002, “A Novel Protein Patterning Technique Using DNA linkers"

6. Hassan Raza, MS ECE, December 2002, “Fabrication and Characterization of Ultra-thin Nitrided Gate Oxide MOS Capacitors” – Now a Prof. at University of Iowa.

7. Oguz Elibol, MS ECE, December 2003, “Fabrication and Characterization of Nano-wire Silicon Sensors”, Now at Intel Corp, Santa Clara, CA.

8. Angelica Davila MS ECE, Spring 2006, “Microcantilever Biosensors for Biological Detection of Bacillus anthracis Sterne spores in Air and Fluid”. Now at Intel Corp, Santa Clara, CA.

9. Kevin Lee, MS ME, Spring 2006, “The Development Of Highly Functional Cartridge For Rapid Detection of Microbial Contaminants”.

10. Vincent Chan, MS BME, Summer 2008, ”3D Fabrication of Tissue-Engineering Scaffolds Using Stereolithography.”

11. Piyush Bajaj, MS BME, Summer 2008, “Characterization of UNCD Surfaces for Biocompatible Implants", Now a PhD student at UIUC.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

12. Ho Jun Suk, MS EE, Fall 2009, “Fluidic Characterization of Elecric Field Sensitivity of Ti-GaAs Schottkey Junction Gated Field Effect Biosensors"

13. Sukru Yemeni, MS EE, Summer 2010, “Stability and Bandwidth Investigation of Alternative Structures for Nanopore Sensors"

14. Mitch Collens, MS BioE, Spring 2012. “2D and 3D Patterning of Cells."

15. Umer Hassan, MS ECE, Spring 2013. “CD4+ Cell Capture in Microfluidic Biochips for Global Health."

16. Jimmy Ni, MS ECE, Fall 2012. “Nano-grass array for capture of nanoparticles and viruses."

17. Carlos Duarte, MS ECE, Fall 2012. “On-Chip Parallel Detection of Food Borne Pathogens Using Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification"

18. Gregory Damhorst, MS BioE, Spring 2013.“Liposome and Ion Released Based Biological Detection in Microfluidic Biochips."

19. Jose Rivera, MS ECE, Spring 2013. “Graphene Supported Hafniium Oxide Nanopores for DNA Sensing"

20. Caroline Cvetkovic, MS BioE, Spring 2013. “The Development of Skeletal Muscle Bioactuator Usign 3D Stereolithography"

21. Ritu Raman, MS MechSE, Fall 2013. “3-D Fabrication of Biological Machines"

22. Katrina Keller, MS BioE, Fall 2013. “Using Resonant MEMS Pedestal Sensors and Filtering Techniques to Determine the Growth Curve of MB-231 Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells"

23. Olaoluwa Adeniba, MS MechSE, Spring 2014. “Development of High-Q Micromechanical Cell Mass Sensor (Optimizing Parameters for In-plane Mass Sensors)"

24. Anurup Ganguli, MS BioE, Spring 2016. “Spatially Mapped Gene Expression Analysis from Tissue"

25. Akid Ornob, MS BioE, Fall 2017. “Loop mediated isothermal amplification based detection of equine respiratory pathogens using a portable, smartphone-based setup”

26. Aaron Jankelow, MS BioE, Spring 2018. “Simulation Model of Microfluidic Point of Care Biosensor for Electrical Enumeration of Blood Cells”

27. Lauren Grant, MS BioE, Summer 2018. “Cryopreservation of Tissue Engineered Skeletal Muscle”

28. Karla Ramos-Cruz, MS BioE, Fall 2020. “Engineering Novel Neuronal Circuits Using HI-PSCS Derived Neurons and Microglia”

Former Post-Doctoral Fellows/Research Scientists:

Purdue University

1. Helen McNally, PhD. EE, Arizona State University.
Jan 2001 – December 2002, Post-doc/Research Scientist in our group. Now a Professor, College of Technology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

2. Sangwoo Lee, PhD, ECE, Purdue University
Jan 2005 – May 2005, PhD and post doc in my group.
Now an Assistant Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Yonsai University, Korea.

3. Woo-Jin Chang, PhD. ChemE, Inha University, Korea.
Jan 2002 – Oct 2003, Post-doc in my group. Now a Professor at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

4. Liju Yang, PhD. Biol. and Agri. Engineering, University of Arkansas.
Sept 2004 - Feb 2006, Post-doc in our group. Now a Professor at North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC.

5. Demir Akin, DVM, PhD. Comparative Pathobiology, Purdue University.
Jan 2002 - 2005, Sr. Research Scientist in my group, biomedical expertise. Research Assistant Professor, Nanomedicine, in Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University. Fall 2006-Spring 2008. Now, the Deputy Director of Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence at Stanford University Medical School.

6. Dallas Morisette, PhD. ECE, Purdue University.
Jan 2003 – Spring 2008, Sr. Research Scientist in my group (part time). Microelectronics and fab expertise. Sr. Device Engineer, BioVitesse, Inc. West Lafayette, IN.

7. Jaesung Jang, PhD, ME, Purdue University
Aug 2004 – Sept 2007, Post-doc in my group. MEMS and fab expertise. Now a Professor at Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea.

8. Kwanseop Lim, PhD, Chemistry, Inha University, Korea
Feb 2005 to Feb 2007, Post-doc in my group.

9. Samir Iqbal, PhD, ECE, Purdue University
March, 2007 – July 2007, Ph.D. and Post-doc in my group. Microelectronics and MEMS fab and DNA chemistry expertise. Now a Prof. at University of Texas at Arlington.

10. Shantanu Bhattacharya, PhD ME, University of Missouri, Columbia
Aug 2006 – June 2007, Post doc in my group, Now a Professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India.

11. JeongMi Moon, PhD Chemistry, Purdue University
March 2007 – June 2008, Post doc in my group. Now a post doc at Chemical Engineering, Purdue University.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

12. Yi-Shao Liu, PhD, Purdue University
Jan 2009 – July 2010, Post doc in my group. Now at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporration, Taiwan.

13. Pinar Zorlutuna, PhD in Biotechnology from Middle East technical Univerity
Jan 2010 – Jan 2011, Post doc in our group. Now Post doc at Harvard/MIT HST.

14. W-J Chang, PhD, Inha University, Research Scientist.
Jan 2008 to May 2011, Research Scientist in my group. Now Assistant Professor at University of Wisconson, Milwaukee.

15. Adarsh Radadia, PhD, MechSE, UIUC.
Post-Doc in m y group 1/09 – present. Now an Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering at University of Louisiana, Ruston, LO

16. Murali Venkatessan, PhD ECE, UIUC.
May 2011 – Sept 2011, Post Doc in my group. Now at Illumina, Inc. San Diego, CA.

17. Preetha Jothimuthu, Ph.D. ECE, University of Cincinnati.
March 2011 – Dec 2011, Post Doc in my group.

18. Vita Solovyeva, PhD.
May 2011 – June 2012, Post Doc in my group.

19. Larry Millet, PhD Molecular and Cellular Biology, UIUC.
Now at Oakridge National Lab. Oak Ridge, TN

20. Kidong Park, PhD ECE, Purdue University.
Oct 2011 – Aug 2013, Post Doc in my group. Now Assistant Professor, Division of ECE, Louisiana State University Baton Rouge

21. David Estrada, Phd, ECE, UIUC.
May 2013 – Sept 2013, Post Doc in my group. Now Assistant Professor of ECE at Boise State University

22. Elise Corbin, Ph.D. MechSE, UIUC.
Post doc in my group Nov 2013 – Aug 2014. Now Assistant Professor of MatSE at University of Delaware.

23. Hamasaki Koshin, Visiting Researcher from Toshiba, Japan
Group Member Jan 2013 - Jan 2014.

24. Artem Shkumatov, Phd in Veterinary Pathobiology UIUC.
Post doc in my group Sept 2014 – May 2015. Now Principal Pathologist at Amgen.

25. Sangjo Shim, Phd, BME, UT Austin.
Post doc in my group Sept 2013 – May 2015. Now postdoctoral researcher at University of Virginia

26. Jiwook Shim, Phd, BIOE, U of Missouri.
Post doc in my group Oct 2011 – Aug 2016. Now Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Rowan University

27. Yoshihiko Watanabe, Visiting Researcher from Asahi Kasei Corp., Japan
Group member Sep 2015 - Aug 2017.

28. Bobby Reddy, Jr. PhD, ECE, UIUC
Now CEO of Prenosis

29. Michael Taeyoung Hwang, PhD, MatSE, UCSD
Group member Sep 2017 - Feb 2021. Now Assistant Professor at Gachon University, Korea

29. Seungyong You, PhD, Physics, Florida State University
Group member Aug 2018 - Aug 2021.

30. Insu Park, PhD, BME, Yonsei University
Group member Sep 2018 - Oct 2021. Now Research Professor at Korea University, Korea

31. Gelson Pagan-Diaz, PhD, BioE, UIUC
Group member May 2020 - Dec 2021. Now postdoc at UT Austin

Former Undergraduate Students:

1. Jeff Uram, Fall 2000, EE496: Design of a Neuro-chip

2. Oguz Elibol, Spring 2001, EE496: Design and Set up of a Pressure Test System for MEMS

3. Vandna Handa, Fall 2002, EE496: DNA-based Self Assembly and Charge Determination on Silicon Devices Due to Charged Molecules

5. 2001-2002: Undergraduate Students Vandna Handa and Eric Tkaczyk spent a year in my lab with graduate students and worked on an inter-disciplinary project on DNA mediated self-assembly of electronic devices. The work resulted in a conference paper.
Eric Robert Tkaczyk, 2002-2003, DNA-based Self Assembly and Charge Determination on Silicon Devices Due to Charged Molecules

6. Robert Peterson, Summer 2003, Measurement on bottom gate MOS devices.

7. Azam Ghafoor, Summer 2003, Howard Hughes Fellow, AFM Measurements of Virus and Proteins.

8. Erik Tseregounis, Summer 2003, NASA SURI program, Micro-particle Capture of Listeria innocua and Escherichia coli: Towards Micromechanical Bacterial Sensing. Purdue.

9. Summer 2004, Luke Johnson, BM REU Student (Luther College). Use of Nanomechanical Devices for Virus Detection.

10. Summer 2004, Annie Elble, Engineering SURF Programm, BME Interdisciplinary Engineering Program. Microfluidic Devices for Bacterial Separation.

11. Spring 2004, Kyle Hagler, Sr. ECE Student, 496 and Summer Research, “Packaging of Microfluidic Devices”.

12. 5/09 – 5/10, James Polans, BS ECE Undergraduate Research Assistant, UIUC.

13. 8/09 – 5/10, Jacob Bermudez, BS Biology, Undergraduate Research Assistant, UIUC.

14. Summer 2010, Anna Czapar, Undergraduate in Bioengineering. UIUC

15. Maggie Sobieraj, Undergraduate in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Chemistry. UIUC

16. Ashley Williams, Undergraduate in Bioengineering. UIUC

17. Kevin Erning, Undergraduate in Chemical Engineering. UIUC

18. Manish Patel, Undergraduate in Bioengineering. UIUC

19. Emilee Flaugher, Undergraduate in Bioengineering. UIUC

20. Ashley Peterson, Undergraduate in Bioengineering. UIUC

21. Michael Rappleye, Undergraduate in Bioengineering. UIUC

22. Paula Duarte-Guevara, Undergraduate in Bioengineering. UIUC

23. Gillain Smith, Undergraduate in Bioengineering. UIUC

24. Abdul Bhuiya, Undergraduate in Chemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology. UIUC

25. Hiba Shahid, Undergraduate in Bioengineering. UIUC

26. Astha Tanna, Undergraduate in Bioengineering. UIUC

27. Pierce Michael Hadley, Undergraduate in Bioengineering. UIUC

28. Alexa Avecilla, Undergraduate in Biomedical Engineering. U of Florida

29. Mike Rappleye, Undergraduate in UIUC

30. Naif Mansury, Undergraduate in UIUC

31. Ryan Healey, Undergraduate in UIUC

32. Andrew Carlson, Undergraduate in UIUC

33. Andrew Larson, Undergraduate in UIUC

34. Zeeshan Haidry, Undergraduate in UIUC

35. Daniel Abboud, Undergraduate in UIUC

36. Nathaniel Leung Mariam Saadah, Undergraduate in UIUC

37. Audrey Gomez, Undergraduate in UIUC

38. Na-Teng Hung, Undergraduate in UIUC

39. Monish Chheda, Undergraduate in UIUC

40. Ashley Walker, Undergraduate in Department of Chemistry and Forensic Science. Albany State University

41. Minji Chang, Undergraduate in Chemical Engineering. UIUC

42. Stephanie Lopez, Undergraduate in Biological Science. U of California, Merced

43. Richard Sam, Undergraduate in UIUC

44. Hunter Smith, Undergraduate in UIUC

45. Evin Kilicarslan, Undergraduate in UIUC

46. Manik Akhand, Undergraduate in Integrated Biology

47. Victor Font Bartumeus, Undergraduate in Materials Science and Engineering

48. Carlos Garcia, Undergraduate in Bioengineering

49. Alexander C. Hasnain, Undergraduate in Bioengineering

50. John Heredia, Undergraduate in Bioengineering

51. Christina Lannon, Undergraduate in Bioengineering

52. Noshin Nawar, Undergraduate in Bioengineering

53. Gina Oshana, Undergraduate in Materials Science and Engineering

54. Justin Tiao, Undergraduate in Bioengineering

55. Sohil Amin, Undergraduate in Bioengineering

56. Minji Chang, Undergraduate in Chemical Engineering

57. Andres Orr, Undergraduate in Bioengineering

58. Nikki Huynh, Undergraduate in Integrated Biology

59. Jiaxu Feng, Undergraduate in Chemical Engineering

60. Judy Suh, Undergraduate in Chemistry

61. Hailey Park, Undergraduate in Materials Science and Engineering

62. Soyeon Yoon, Undergraduate in Chemistry

63. Lauren Marie Passwater, Undergraduate in Bioengineering

64. Elizabeth Pierson, Undergraduate in Materials Science and Engineering

65. Russell Kwon, Undergraduate in Chemical Engineering

66. Daniel Kim, Undergraduate in Chemistry

67. Malaak Sadaah, Undergraduate in Materials Science and Engineering

68. Katie Koprowski, Undergraduate in Biological Engineering

69. Victoria Kindratenko, Undergraduate in Bioengineering, now a Bioengineering PhD student at Northwestern University

High School Students:

1. 2000-2001, Azam Ghafoor, a West Lafayette High School Junior Year student did his Biology project on biochips in our lab and won the first prize in Biology Science Fair.

2. 2001-2002, Lawrence Lee, a West Lafayette High School Senior Year student did his Biology project on biochips in our lab and won the first prize in Biology Science Fair.

3. 2002-2003, Prag Sharma, an 8th grader is did a Science Project and won the gold medal in the category of Microbiology, in the Purdue Regional Science Fair.

4. Summer 2011, Petra ISTEM high school intern Uni HighSchool in Urbana, IL

5. Summer 2011, Chelsea Edwards, ISTEM high school intern. Uni HighSchool in Urbana, IL

6. Mariam Saadah, University High School in Urbana, IL

7. Chloe Yang, University High School in Urbana, IL

8. Victoria Kindratenko, University High School in Urbana, IL

9. Caleb Aldridge, Judah Christian School in Champaign, IL